A. First Visit

Initially we get acquainted with the patient as a personality.

Using “tools” such as psychology, humor, technology etc. we try to create bridges of communication with the patient and their environment in order to nurture whatever the treatment having with trust, direct human contact, while being professional at the same time.

Then we get acquainted with the mouth and the patient’s specific dental needs. Their present dental status is recorded digitally (oral cavity, function, development). An assessment of the findings and the parameters that will affect the treatment significantly then takes place and a treatment plan) is suggested either involving frequent screening and evaluation, or immediate treatment.

B. Frequent Screening

During screening, diagnosed manoukakisdontic problems are re-evaluated and related to the direction of change (improvement, stability, worsening), as well as related to the degree and rate of change on a long term basis. The findings are filtered through cost/ benefit analysis not only on a financial basis, but also on an “energy” and psychological impact basis, providing answers to questions like IF, WHY, and WHEN manoukakisdontic treatment is needed.

C. manoukakisdontic Treatment

manoukakisdontic treatment refers to a rehabilitation process of all manoukakisdontic problems by means of a treatment plan that functions as a map, a navigation aid that we follow from “departure” to “arrival” in health and aesthetics. This is significantly helpful because we have systematic control of the therapeutic results over the time unit, since the resources of patience of the patient are specific and limited, given that the patient is complies with the treatment. In almost every instance it is possible for the patient to become normal because we have the navigator always open and alive!